Agriflow is an agriculture value chain connector, linking agricultural communities to value adding services through networks with markets, suppliers, service providers, other farmers and relevant government departments. It achieves this through the provision of user friendly, efficient and flexible ICT-based services which cut across many functions and access channels. The value of Smart Farmer is in assisting farming communities and other stakeholders in doing things smarter, with transparency, accountability and efficiency, while driving profitability. As a response to the problems faced by agricultural communities, Smart Farmer provides the following services:


  • Peer-to-Peer communication for Farmer to Farmer Interaction
  • Funder-to-Farmer Communication
  • Government-to-Farmer Communication
  • Price tracking and reporting
  • Agricultural alert systems (sending and receiving)
  • Commodities offer and bid facilitation
  • Location services for service providers
  • Production information systems e.g. Best practices, planning, etc
  • e-Extension services


These services assist farmers throughout the production cycle – from planning to sale stages, whether locally, regionally or globally. Agriflow offers a new way through which information systems in agriculture are vastly improved.

Registration &

data collection

Facilitates registration of farmers and their farms, and through geo-pinning of actual farm locations, forms the foundation for data collection.

Farmer tracking

& support

Allows tracking of contract disbursements throughout the production cycle as well as offering support services on the go.

Inputs registry &


Manages inputs allocations systematically, while dealing directly with Input suppliers.



Provides visibility into movement of commodities from one place to another, relying on reputable logistics service providers.



Provides a market connecting buyers to sellers. It is segmented into two platforms: one for general trade, and another for GAP certified produce.



An open knowledge base of diseases, pests and solutions, which allows contributions from farmers and other concerned partners.

Contract mgt with contract farmers

Provides contracts administration functions including real-time tracking and progress logging for each contract. Support is extended through this module to extension officers.



Provides aggregate data across the platform, to give global estimations of the yield forecast and related information.



Provides a platform for insurance cover for crops and animals against eligible factors. It manages season history for swift claims processes and using IoT and Big Data, allows Insurers to manage risks and set optimum premiums.


Provides comprehensive and flexible reports on key metrics such as funding analyses, crop yields, and land utilization, including built in analytics for viability evaluation and predictive analysis.