Fully Integrated Treasury trading system

The core element of the Platform is to address the needs of Treasury and to provide a real-time integrated treasury trading platform that also includes asset and liability management with functions to do regulatory reporting and funds transfer pricing. It provides total accounting flexibility with special reference to operational, liquidity, market, interest and exchange risk issues on an operational level. The Treasury Platform is a specialist sub-system developed to cater for the financial instruments dealers encounter in the treasury environment and provides a unique combination, catering for account-based instruments such as call and term accounts and transaction-based instruments such as buying and selling bonds, treasury bills and FX transactions. The Treasury Platform is developed on one open, integrated and adaptive web-based platform which must host details regarding the dealers, counterparties, treasury instruments, portfolios, limits, etc, and make use of the latest GUI functionality such as Windows connectivity products. It is a real-time system: there are no time delays. All positions and limits are updated immediately. The Platform can interface with other systems available in the market to create a straight-through process. Likewise, it contains a facility to extract, transform and load data from external sources such as core operational systems in order to validate, cleanse and enrich the data to minimise the effect of missing data values. The Platform has its own sub-ledger system that provides a real-time update of the trial balance. The Platform is a real-time, fully integrated treasury trading system that segregates the FRONT, MIDDLE, and BACK OFFICE on security access levels.