Jobs at Riskflow


Riskflow Technologies is currently looking for candidates for a programming internship.

Riskflow develops software for the financial sector, focusing on financial mathematics and mathematical statistics and using the programming language Dyalog APL. What makes this internship unique is that you do not need any programming experience!  All you need is a strong mathematical aptitude.  APL is used in scientific, actuarial, statistical and financial applications.  Therefore a degree in any of these disciplines will be a distinct advantage, but is not a prerequisite.

If you are curious, go to and work through the primer.  If, after having completed the primer, you believe you have the aptitude for this kind of thinking, solve the puzzle below – the correct solution will give you the email address where you can apply for the internship by sending your CV with the Subject “I SOLVED THE PUZZLE”.

Successful candidates will be contacted to arrange for a face-to-face interview.


Job Puzzle

If APL = 11150
and FUN = 13205

then decode the number below to unlock the email address

and send a mail with your CV and the heading I SOLVED THE PUZZLE

APL Primer

APL Primer