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Basel+ - a software product proudly developed by Riskflow Technologies for the African market.

Basel+ is more than just a Basel compliance tool. It not only helps banks comply with the daunting task of producing regulatory reports, it also provides the bank with the capability to assess its most current data. By utilising the regulatory framework it indicates high risk/attention areas and provides critical management information.

Regulatory Reports

Basel+ was developed on the same technical platform that gave Riskflow a 27-year dominance in financial forecasting (balance sheet management) via its renowned ALM system, ALMAN.

Basel+ does not only report the current (historical/static) position of the bank, but enables the bank to look forward (dynamic) for selected reports in order to see the impact of any management decisions

What does it provide?

In essence, Basel+ is a Central Bank reporting system which generates current position call reports represented by Schedules for Capital, Credit Risk, Operational Risk, Market Risk, Liquidity Risk, Financial Inclusion and Management. A list of current reports produced by the system is shown below. Riskflow undertakes to add and adjust all reports to comply with the local conditions in each country on a time and material basis.

How does it work?

The bank has to provide the raw (available) data either through extraction programs or via manual input. Manual input is usually necessary to capture info such as the names of bank committees and management or even to make final adjustments. All client related data is placed in a data repository from where the Basel+ program will read it.

The Basel+ repository has the unique capability to enrich the data, i.e. to re-engineer missing information in order to classify, group and populate the various reports/schedules.

The schematic presentation below shows the process flow of data in order to produce the various reports/schedules. All schedules are produced in XLSX format, using the template(s) supplied by the Regulator.

Basel+ Infographic