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A financial forecasting tool at your finger tips...

Cube360 is a multi-dimensional financial decision modelling system, specifically designed for those institutions frequently faced with evaluations: how to fund the business or a specific project, how to hedge it or where and how to invest surplus cash.

  • Cube360 is used for balance sheet management and specifically to evaluate the liquidity and free cash position of the institution.
  • The system allows the user to budget/project the full financial position of the institution into the future. There are no restrictions on how far you wish to project into the future: 1, 2, 5 or 10 years (maximum time horizon is only limited by your computer capabilities).
  • The forecasting integrity of the system is protected by complying with generally accepted accounting principles which guard the user against mistakes and one sided entries. The system also allows for mark-to-market and fair value adjustments.
  • RISKFLOW makes financial theory real by allowing you have fun, play and make mistakes and see the real-time consequences instantaneously before you commit to any actual financial decisions.
  • The primary objective is decision making and evaluating those decisions against the various risk profiles set in the system like liquidity, interest, market and foreign exchange rate risks.
    • The system caters for an unlimited list of interest rate views allowing for typical Monte Carlo or VAR type analysis. Unlimited scenarios can be defined, illustrating the impact of different targets, growth percentages, new business etc.
    • The system also provides for unlimited exchange rate views. Cube360 also caters for match funds transfer pricing measuring the internal cross funding of divisions.
  • All reports (see list at the end of document) are viewed by slicing and dicing in a cube-liked fashion. This allows for drilling deeper or providing the opportunity to compare the impact of various interest rate views, exchange rate views and various strategies on any specified item such as cash flow, net interest income, retained income etc. Cube360 has built-in statistical operators to assist the user in interpreting the results.
  • Data is populated into the system by importing extraction files from the institutions’ operating systems. Interest and foreign exchange rates can be imported as well predefined strategies.
  • Cube360 has the capability to define various business units or consolidate various models into a single unit. Cube360 can be used to create a budget and has a variance analysis module.
  • Cube360 is in effect the rebranding of Riskflow’s ALMAN system, which has been available to the market since 1988. The rebranding emphasises the focus on balance sheet management and financial decision making support.
Cube 360