fmbTrade is a real-time fully integrated treasury trading system that segregates the Front, Middle, and Back Office on security access levels. It provides total accounting flexibility in line with latest Basel requirements with special reference to operational, liquidity, market, interest and exchange risk issues on an operational level.

fmbTrade is a treasury specialist sub-system developed to cater for the financial instruments dealers encounter in the treasury environment and provides a unique combination, catering for account based instruments such as call and term accounts and transaction based instruments such as buying and selling bonds, treasury bills and FX transactions.

fmbTrade is developed around its own database which has to host details regarding the dealers, counterparties, treasury instruments, portfolios, limits etc. This provides the ideal scenario where the front, middle and back office can always access the same data.

It is integrated. A deal captured in the front office is immediately visible in the middle and back office. A limit or restriction imposed in the middle office has an immediate impact on the front office and at the same time the back office is notified on the settlement and confirmation details. It is a real-time system: there are no time delays.

All positions and limits are updated immediately. fmbTrade can interface with other systems available in the market to still create a straight-through process. For instance, when an FX deal is captured on systems like Reuters or City Dealer, portfolios and exposure limits are immediately updated via fmbTrade. Likewise, it is updated by the core operational system catering for administration and general ledger functions. fmbTrade has its own sub ledger system that provides real-time update of the trial balance.

fmbTrade is in effect the rebranding of Riskflow’s TASMAN system, which has been available to the market since 1992. It is a stable and reliable system which has been given a facelift celebrating its conversion to a multi-country and group treasury exposure system.